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For a good cup of coffee, it is essential to regularly maintain and clean the machine:

  • Check water level through sight glass.
  • Complete start-up process correctly (10 minutes).
  • Daily cleaning:
    • Clean filter and filter holder in warm water, preferably soaked overnight in water, hot at first, in order to dissolve coffee oil.
    • The groups should be rinsed in the blind filter, partially attaching filter holder and going through brewing operations.
    • Clean shower using damp cloth or spong.
  • Regenerate resin granules:
    • To remove the limescale that accumulates in the filter resin, clean at least once a month, using 1Kg kitchen salt.
  • Changing water in boiler:
    • Once a week, to prevent water in boiler from spoiling and giving infusions a bad taste.
  • Grinder:
    • Check grinding point daily, and the state of the blades regularly, changing when worn.


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