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Atributs d'una tassa de cafè expresso

One feature that professionals and consumers alike demand from a good cup of espresso coffee is the froth cream on the top of the cup when it has just been made. This cream should be thick, even and lasting.

Getting a good cream on espresso coffee depends on three factors:

  • Correct grinding point (fine, evenly ground coffee).
  • Coffee correctly tamped down in the brewing head.
  • ressure and temperature of coffee maker.

This is to say, it is a purely technical issue, apart from the coffee itself. The coffee gives flavour according to its quality, origin, roasting point and % roast.

Nor is it high roast (“Torrefacto”) coffee particularly that creates cream. It is, we insist, a technical question. Roasting produces coffee and a thick, dark cream with a strong flavour. Coffee that is 100% naturally roasted also produces an excellent cream, the only difference being that it is clearer than the cream obtained from high roast coffee.



espresso coffee

You will recognise this by the hazel brown colour of its cream, 2-3 mm thick, brown contours and thin lines.

You can make a good espresso if you ensure optimum grinding point, well tamped coffee, precise boiler pressure (max. 1 bar) and pump pressure (max. 1 bar), water temperature of 85-94ºC and brewing time of 20-25 seconds.


no cream

Clearly recognisable, as there is no cream on the coffee; cream dissolves quickly or forms a ring around the cup.

This can be corrected by increasing coffee grammage, decreasing grinding point and lowering temperature.


cream clear

Recognisable due to clear, bubbly cream.

Correct this by adjusting grinding point and increasing temperature.


cream brown and white in centre

Noticeable due to the dark brown ring around the cream, which is white in the middle.

Correct by increasing grinding point and decreasing temperature.


cream brown with dark outer rink

You will recognise this as the cream dissolves quickly and a darker ring with bubbles forms around the cup.

Correct by decreasing coffee grammage and temperature.


cream very dark

Noticeable due to the dark brown colour of the cream.

Correct by checking the coffee mixture and adjusting the percentage of high roast (“Torrefacto”) coffee.

Other useful tips:

  • Do not open the coffee bag until you can empty it completely into the coffee mill (1 Kg. capacity).
  • Grind coffee a little at a time, as required. Do not leave ground coffee in mill from one day to the next, as it will lose quality.
  • Keep cups and spoons warm in the cup-holder to ensure good service and prevent excessive cooling on entering into contact with a cold surface.
  • Insist that the machine, brewing heads and filters are kept clean, and that regular checks are carried out as recommended by the manufacturer.


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